Adidas Running Shoes

Adidas Running Shoes

Adidas Trail Running Shoes

The German company, Adidas was founded in 1948 by Adolf “Adi” Dassler.  His philosophy was, “To provide every athlete with the best possible equipment”. Adidas superstars first gained worldwide recognition in the 1936 Olympics.  The famous US sprinter, Jesse Owens wore Adidas shoes when he won 4 gold medals.  It’s currently the largest sportswear company in Europe and the second largest in the world, next to Nike.

Adidas has a great variety of trail running shoes to meet all of your needs and are ranked amongst the world’s best.

 They include:

  1. Response Trail – probably the most popular of all Adidas trail running shoes.  It easily accommodates the aggressive runner that attacks the tough trails with speed.  Running in these conditions puts you less on your heels and more on the balls of your feet.  Your stride on rugged trails that twist and turn tends to shorten with less impact per foot strike.  Traction, stability and mobility take priority, and this shoe is engineered to enhance all three.  The TRAXION outsole maximizes traction in all directions, uphill and downhill.  The reinforced upper is made of air mesh material that sheds water and dries fast.  It also has reinforced protection in the toe area.  Despite its sleek low profile and light appearance, this shoe provides solid support and flexibility to adapt to the most technical trails.
  2. Kanadia Trail – If you’re looking for a waterproof trail shoe that fits great from day one, has plenty of cushioning in the heel, and is built to last, look no further.  This shoe also has outstanding traction from its mud shedding TRAXION outsole that grips in any direction.  The Kanadia has a gusseted tongue that’s attached on the sides to repel pebbles and sticks.  The sole’s rock plate ensures protection against the occasional jagged rock, stick or tree root. Remember to order at least a half size up for the perfect fit.
  3. Supernova Trail – another premium model that provides maximum cushioning for any trail runner.  It has Adidas’ FORMOTION technology that enables it to adapt to the ground for a smooth, comfortable run.  This heel feature also helps to prevent over pronation and improve heel-to-toe transition. It has a spacious toe box and seamless binding in the upper to help prevent blistering.
  4. Duramo Trail – another well-built shoe that will last through mud and rain.  Its enhanced traction will take the runner anywhere they choose to trek. This shoe has long-lasting durability and comes in many different colors and styles.
  5. CLIMA Ride Trail – a shoe that breaths and keeps your entire foot comfortable and cool.  It also has high wear traction with its durable AdiWear outsole, with added stability and cushioning in the heel area.  Lighter than most trail shoes, it handles those rugged trails with ease and style.
  6. Thrasher Trail – this colorful shoe is not only stylish but engineered to be durable and comfortable. The breathable air mesh material that surrounds the upper shoe will catch your attention right away.  This design enhances air flow and allows your foot to breathe and stay comfortable.  It also has a padded tongue for added comfort. 

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